The Genius collection contains very practical, modern, solid vertical wall beds with supplementary elements. The bodies of the wall beds and supplementary elements are made of 25 mm thick furniture board, which provides the furniture from the collection with maximum stability.  Opening and closing of the Genius wall bed is supported by appropriately selected gas springs, so even a not very strong person can cope with the furniture. The Genius vertical wall bed also comes in a version with a built-in desk, supported by a safe, very solid and durable construction.  Each of the two types of Genius wall beds comes in two sizes (for a 120 cm and 140 cm wide mattress), so they can be a comfortable alternative for sleeping even for two people. Complementing the wall beds are comfortable closets with drawers, with hanger rods or with shelves, three types of chests of drawers and a free-standing desk (for the wall bed without a desk).  Together they form a very functional and coherent set, with which you can easily furnish a youth room, a room for rent or a guest room. Practical shelves located in the wall bed can be optionally illuminated (different light intensity, adjustable by remote control). The depth of 50 cm allows to use a very comfortable, thicker mattress. The collection comes in five colors: white matte, white gloss (fronts only), a combination of black and Lancelot oak, oiled oak and Congo (gray beige).