The Sleep Varia built-in system is a ready-made, highly functional solution for a well-appointed bedroom. The Sleep Varia collection consists of various closets, outdoor and indoor shelving, bases with bed extensions. The different widths of the closets, shelves and bases allow you to precisely match the selected set to your own room. The personalization of the collection is also facilitated by the diversity of the interior of individual closets (you can choose models with hanger rods, with drawers and with shelves), the diversity of base types (with or without built-in bedside tables) or the choice of color options (matte or glossy white combined with oiled oak). Sleep Varia built-in system is prepared for selected beds from our collection, which will perfectly fill the space in the bed base. First of all, we offer a choice of upholstered beds from the Mini Maxi collection with different headrest designs. A practical and economical solution is to combine an upholstered bed body with upholstered panels glued to the bed base. A minimalist bed made of wood and furniture board in different decors (white matt or white gloss on the footboard) also goes well with the Sleep Varia set.

The Sleep Varia collection is an ideal solution for long and narrow bedrooms, which we see a lot of in various apartments. By building the bed into a row of closets, bookcases and extensions, you can make perfect use of the space even in such a difficult room. Depending on your needs, the built-in can join the walls and the ceiling thanks to special side boards, or remain open. For a large room, we suggest a freestanding bed from our collection, and a freely personalized sequence of closets and bookcases from the Sleep Varia set will be perfect for a functional and aesthetically pleasing closet.