The Forli collection is a fine set consisting of a bed on high legs, asymmetrical bedside tables and a comfortable bench. Light geomeric design, comfortable backrest cushions, integrated mattress frame are undoubted advantages of Forli bed. It can be made by combining any two fabrics. It looks best dressed in a plain fabric as a base and decorated with an interesting braid on the fronts of the cushions. The whole is complemented by thick decorative zippers (in black or lilac) on the sides of the pillows. The same idea of combining different fabrics with a decorative zipper appears on the practical Forli bench, which looks great in front of the bed. Both the bed cushions and the bench cushion are finished with decorative frills, which adds finesse and lightness to the collection. The name of the collection was derived from the frill – Forli is Italian for frill. An unusual idea is the original, asymmetrical bedside tables from the collection made of black or graphite furniture board with drawers upholstered with the same fabric as the bed. In the collection you can combine a vertical table with a horizontal one, or choose two identical ones.