About Us


We have been operating in the industry for many years, we have been changing during this time and the furniture we produce has been changing with us. Our team is a combination of experience and youth. We learn from each other to be able to implement new projects in the best possible way.


To say that we make furniture is like saying nothing ? Because it’s true, but you have to add something to it – we make good furniture. Good in quality and design. We develop our models ourselves and employ professionals and designers (including a graduate of the Italian Florence Institute of Design). Sometimes we work on one model for several weeks. We don’t take the easy way out – we don’t produce furniture from cardboard, which would have a short life. We are not in competition with cheap furniture from the far ends of the world. We produce box furniture from good quality furniture boards, with interesting decor, pleasant touch, with the right thickness. We furnish rooms in houses and apartments, but also in public facilities (hotels, guesthouses, seniors’ homes). Our upholstered furniture (sofas, lounge furniture) has found homes, among others, in demanding Scandinavia. Present for many years on the domestic and foreign market, beds from our company have only one drawback – they are almost indestructible, which pleases us, because it proves our reliability, but sometimes we wish they had to be replaced more often?.